Enjoy Your Life,Teeth Are Vital
How OENKLEN helps users get shiny smiles
A New Oral Care Experience
Multiple Modes,Know Better About Your Oral Care
For oral cleaning and care, intelligent customized concentration.Easily solve oral problems such as bad breath,tooth decay, inflammation, and bleeding. Give you healthy and white teeth.

Home Use
More Effective
5s reduce harmful flora
OZONE water does not have
any irritation and no side effects

Solve toothache, bad breath, and tooth stains from the root
Gargling for 5 seconds can reduce more than 99% of harmful oral bacteria
Just Need To Add Water
With the superoxide sterilization technology, the raw material is only water.No alcohol, no additives, gargling without irritation.
Continuously produce mouthwash, no longer need to spend money on bottled mouthwash.
Just Add Tap Water,Ozone Mouthwash Is Done With One Click

Ozone Sterilization Technology
In oral disinfection, ozone technology is widespread and mature

Institutions and families are in use
Industry application history
Reduce harmful bacteria
Live production
More Assured For The Whole Family
Place in the bathroom
Place in the office water bar
Place in the dining room
A cup of ozone mouthwash that you can make yourself.Ozone water technology has been approved by the FDA as Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS).Safe and effective, the elderly and children can use it to care for the oral cavity.
Automatic Recognition
It Can Help You Choose The Mode
Oenklen's mouthwash cups,dental irrigator, and atomizer can automatically identify modes and water output.According to different oral problems, choose different accessories to improve oral health faster.
Micro-electrolytic sterilization technology
OENKLEN 's ozone water technology is healthy and efficient, safe in composition. The whole family can safely use ozone water for oral disinfection and sterilization,no drug resistance and
side effects, medical grade oral care new experience.

The sterilization rate was 99.99%
Fusobacterium Nucleatum
Fusobacterium Nucleatum
Porphyromonas Gingivalis
Porphyromonas Gingivalis
Helicobacter pylori
Helicobacter pylori
· Ozone water is recommended by dentists ·
· Unboxing evaluation ·
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Featured on @Ask A Hygienist, Drawing on her extensive dental expertise, she skillfully explains the benefits of Ozone and convincingly highlights why OENKLEN stands out as the superior choice among other mouthwashes.
Featured on @starring shameka, OENKLEN welcomes you to check out her daily routine with ozone mouthwash! She used a set of testing regents to prove the safety and effectiveness of ozone mouthwash.
Featured on @Cymye Midori, She delivered a thorough introduction to the functionality of OENKLEN and compared the differences between OENKLEN and ordinary mouthwash.
Use Contrast
This is the change I have used for 3 months. My breath is fresh and my teeth are more white and healthy. I will use it!
Plaque Staining
The growth of bacteria makes my mouth smell very serious. I dare not talk to others in close distance every time. After two weeks of using OENKLEN, my teeth become whiter and my mouth smell no longer exists.
Oenklen allows users to enjoy ozonated water oral care in seconds, expecting you to have a healthy mouth and a confident smile
Oenklen's User Life
Series Products
Used with a dental irrigator and atomizer to protect teeth, respiratory tract and skin while caring for the mouth.
Mouthwash machine
Mouthwash machine
Dental irrigator
Dental irrigator
pcs / Plastic Bottles

g / Paper
t+ / Carbon Emissions

Oenklen More Environmentally Friendly
Every OENKLEN life cycle can help the Earth reduce
Our Vision
Let everyone have a healthy mouth and a confident smile!
Founder NEO has been plagued by repeated oral problems, tooth decay, periodontal disease, oral odor always tormented him and his family.A Japanese dental hospital treatment made him realize the oral sterilization care effect of ozone water,so he used his potential as an engineer and formed a team with a group of engineers and dentists with the same goals.They had only one goal: To create a new oral cleaning product that was easy to use, clean and efficient, and could quickly clean corners that a brush could not reach.After more than 50 ways to combine “OENKLEN”was born.
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